An Industrial Designer passionate about enhancing User Experience and a deep interest in human behavior


Who am I?

I draw upon a diverse background, Multi-Cultural, Multi-lingual and Multi-Disciplinary. My love for traveling and design motivated me to travel to the United States to pursue my bachelors in Industrial Design with a focus on User Experience Research along with a minor in business. Change is the only constant and design is a constantly evolving and diverse field with multiple facets. My versatile nature, diverse experiences and progressive thinking allows me to constantly explore and learn new things. The detail oriented, focused and creative attributes of design thinking  allows for innovation that will help change the world for the better through enhanced experiences, creative solutions, user-aware businesses and need focused products. 




People - Process - Goal Focused

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“For me Design Thinking is a way to constantly learn, improve, inspire change & make an impact.”



"Devote yourself to the community around you. It is your privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by being more. All it takes is one problem and one idea."

I have always tried to gear my projects towards giving back. Finding real purpose & meaning in the solutions I help create. Check out some of my work here.


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